FLY ME to the MOON

FLY ME TO THE MOON - Elegant Twirls on Suitcase

Curators Gallery - 51 Margaret Street - W1W 8SG

Fly me to the Moon is the Romantic Journey into the Unknown, it`s the excitement of getting lost on the Road to a New Adventure

Having a Suitcase laying on the floor of your Living, your Bedroom, is like keeping your Dreams and Travels with you all the time.

It`s an everyday reminder that you`re Free to go anywhere, whenever you want.

Steve McCracken`s Birds add Life, Colour and Movement to these suitcases that you can both hang to the walls or carry around the city.

The Elegant Twirls intertwine with the writings from an Ancient Florentine Manuscript as if they`re telling each other stories,
tales from imaginary worlds, undiscovered lands.

Fly me to the Moon is just about that. Dream, Elegance and Romance.

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