Our Story - That Certain Song in Your Head

Elegance, Romance, Dream = Your Furniture

Fly Me to The Moon

intro. I started back in 2013, in Florence. I worked side by side with an Antique Restorer for months in his workshop in the City centre. I learned many tricks, artisanal techniques that I mixed with my architectural background (I`m a bachelor architect too), in spite of preserving key features, respect the item and its history, just as for an Antique Building, I applied the Restoring process and skills to Furniture.


Twist and Shout

verse. The purpose is to give a new life to Vintage furniture, upcycle and restore them, preserving their amazing inner stories. So I started tailoring Elegant dresses for them, trying to Render at Best the Dreamy side of these pieces. I always liked to think AM Florence pieces makes you wonder about forgotten places, tales and myths while you are staring at them. Hope you`ll get this effect too.


Travelling Without Moving

bridge. Attention to Details is obviously one of my main Focuses, both for Vintage and Vintage-Inspired pieces. AM Florence customs are always Elegant, with a certain Attitude and Music. Morris Wallpaper or Ancient Italian Manuscript from Florence? Each piece has its own ID number, you`ll receive a card with it too! They are Handmade, that means you will Own a Unique Piece, no doubts about it!


Rocket Man

chorus. Working with You is always a Great Inspiring part of my Job. Bespoke pieces are a large part of my Creations, your Ideas meets AM Florence and together we create something Unique, we put out New Collections tailored to your needs, Designs change, evolve as our skills, knowledge and Range of options. What will be next? Don`t know yet, I`ll tell you tomorrow. ;) 


Thanks for listening to my Story.
Matteo - AM Florence