Charity RALLY to MONGOLIA - Onboard with BADAHOME Team

- AM Florence is the Technical Sponsor of  BADAHOME Team -
Our LENNON Cocktail Bar Suitcase is onboard!
We decided to Sponsor the BADAHOME Team
for the 2018 Rally to Mongolia because we loved the Cause and because

"We Believe in Travelling Without Moving,
Dreamers, Adventurers,
our Planet."

You will see our suitcase and lots of Inspiring fragments of Life
photographed in Amazing Locations around the World
thanks to the BadaHome Instagram!
but you can also be Part of this Amazing Journey too
helping research and supporting CoolEarth!



For each LENNON BAR Suitcase we will sell 
the 10% will be donated to COOLEARTH or AISM
that`s up to you!
you will receive a picture of your donation done from us!


Do you want to know more about BADAHOME 
and the Charities we are Supporting?
Check the links below