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DOHERTY Mannequin Art Bust w Collectables Epaulettes

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MANNEQUIN ART Busts are special. Doherty is not only a Statue to place in your living room, our busts are people with names and stories. 
Welcome Doherty in your Precious Home.

-Collectables military Epaulettes
-Original Vintage buttons
-Original Vintage Bust
-Dress made with original AM Florence pattern
HOW IS MADE dress: original AM Florence pattern printed on High-Quality Laid Paper - body: black paint on a vintage bust - 
Our Busts are treated with a clear Varnish.
Each piece of the collection is handmade so it's unique. 
name: Doherty
Collection n. #03
Dimensions: about 19.7' x h 64.2' (50cm x h 163cm)
design: AM Florence
year: 2013