EXPANSION - Marianna Saver
EXPANSION - Marianna Saver
EXPANSION - Marianna Saver
EXPANSION - Marianna Saver
EXPANSION - Marianna Saver
EXPANSION - Marianna Saver

EXPANSION - Marianna Saver

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dimensions: 102x72 cm (depth 2.5cm)

EXPANSION is a work from a series called Unspoken.
This series was made in collaboration with AM Florence which made the supports using its classic Italian Manuscript and the faux leather bounding frame typical of the vintage steamer trunks. The intertwining of writing and the gesture of the artist creates Unspoken. 

MARIANNA SAVER « My work comes from raw impulse. I try to transcribe on canvas the kaleidoscopic nuances of the human condition. »

Marianna Saver is an exciting Italian painter based in London, who has exhibited her work internationally. Inspired by Austrian expressionism and The Irascibles, she composes works from raw impulse that explore the impermanence of the human experience and encourage each viewer to embrace their inner dialogue. Using alternative methods and tools, such as wooden spoons, sticks, knives and her hands, her art is a radical moment of urgency that explores and celebrates the complex volatility of human nature and the relationships that shape us.

find out more on  mariannasaver.com

UNSPOKEN explores themes of internal sensation versus universal truth in its attempt to get in touch with what lies beneath the surface:

Sometimes what we hold true for ourselves does not match the perception of those around us. Often, the words that matter the most, those that tell our story the best, are the ones we leave unspoken.

There is a strong presence of white and light colors in this series: they serve as a metaphor for the candid veil we usually place on areas of our life we are uncomfortable with and prefer to hide from others. As such, the lightness of the colors contrasts with the bounty of layers and textures, all taking their place on sheets of written words, to symbolize the conflict between our internal and external life. Between the narrative we tell others and the one we tell ourselves.

TECHNIQUE Silk and acrylic on wood and laid paper

OTHER DETAILS The artworks are hand-signed at the back. A thin layer of water-based varnish protects them from light and dust. They come with a certificate of authenticity embossed with an exclusive seal and including the artist's fingerprint.

name: Expansion
artist: Marianna Saver
year: 2020